Marketplace Guidelines & Expectations for Buyer

About Cratejoy Marketplace and our Sellers is a curated experience that features independent sellers from around the world who prepare unique products for customers. When you purchase on Cratejoy, you are ordering directly from that seller, who will assemble and ship products according to their own shipping policies. By shopping on Cratejoy, you agree that:

  1. Cratejoy sellers are responsible for all content including, but not limited to,  product descriptions, images, pricing, shipping times and shipping partners.
  2. By making a purchase on the Cratejoy Marketplace you are supporting our diverse independent sellers who are responsible for fulfilling and shipping their products.
  3. Cratejoy celebrates the surprise nature of subscription boxes, and therefore does not pre-screen products that sellers choose to include in shipments. In regards to this, Cratejoy is unable to guarantee or endorse what products may be received.

Community Guidelines
We want Cratejoy to be a safe and welcoming environment for all our visitors. This policy explains the kind of behavior we expect in our community.

  1. Be respectful of all Cratejoy Sellers, Buyers, and Employees. Any harassing, hateful, profane, obscene, discriminatory or threatening language will not be tolerated.
  2. In order to ensure successful processing of payments and delivery of goods, visitors must use the name associated with your method of payment. 
  3. The use of Product Reviews, Q&A, Messages, Support Tools or any other part of the Cratejoy platform as a place to promote your own content is prohibited.

Contacting a Cratejoy Seller
Since each seller manages their own independent business, they are your best first point of contact. Sellers can answer questions related to the status of your subscription, individual shipments, products they fulfill, refund requests and more. For a detailed guide on how to contact the seller, please visit our support article here.

Getting Support from Cratejoy
You can visit Cratejoy’s support portal at Cratejoy’s support site allows you to browse our knowledge base for commonly asked questions.

If you ever encounter an issue on Cratejoy, or need us to escalate an unresolved inquiry with a seller, we are happy to assist! If you need our help

  • click here
  • to get started.

    Requesting a Refund
    Cratejoy’s refund policy allows for refunds within 24 hours of the transaction date and while that order is unshipped. After 24 hours, your refund request will be routed to that independent seller to consider at their discretion based on their refund policy. In some scenarios, if a seller is unresponsive, Cratejoy may be able to take additional actions on your behalf. For a detailed guide on how to request a refund, please visit our support article here.

    Leaving a Review
    Reviews on Cratejoy are a great way for you to learn about sellers and their products. We want Cratejoy reviews to be helpful, respectful, and honest, which is why we have created a guide about how to leave a review and what can be included. Cratejoy abides by the FTC Consumer Review Fairness Act and complies with all aspects of this statute.